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A Scandinavian Summer: The Ultimate Frugal Challenge?

05frugal oslo blog480 A Scandinavian Summer: The Ultimate Frugal Challenge?   NYTimes.comTomm W. Christiansen/Bloomberg NewsBy at least one account, Oslo is the most expensive city in the world. Does it have a frugal side?

Can a destination be so expensive it forces you to rethink your underwear philosophy?

Such is the fear that Scandinavia strikes in the hearts of budget travelers like me. The statistics are everywhere. Three Scandinavian capitals rank among the world’s five most expensive cities in a 2011 UBS report: Oslo at No. 1, Copenhagen at No. 4 and Stockholm at No. 5. Oslo and Stockholm also made a recent top-10 list for hotel costs. Copenhagen is home of the world’s No. 1 restaurant (if you go for that sort of ranking), which can’t be keeping dining costs low.

Scandinavia is expensive if you want to enjoy the city the same way you would in other European areas. Most of the advice I’ve read is going to the grocery store and buying your lunch there, or feasting on lunch buffets at restaurants. The entrance fees to attractions, day tours, excursions, transportation, and accommodation are pretty difficult to cut on costs on.

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