Caribbean charm in Cartagena –

Cartagena, Colombia (CNN) — Cartagena , the historic jewel of Colombia’s Caribbean coast, is a secret that’s getting out.

The city’s spectacular setting is a draw in itself. Protected by ancient stone walls that enclose its vibrant port, Cartagena is almost entirely surrounded by the Caribbean Sea. Pink, yellow and purple buildings line the cobblestone streets of the old city, faded after centuries under the powerful sun. Billowing flower boxes droop over balconies, drawing the eye up Spanish colonial facades.

Painted doors of all shapes and sizes open onto lush courtyards or mysterious wine cellars. Behind many doors visitors will find first-class dining and some of the most interesting boutique shopping in the Caribbean.

Between January and August 2010, more than 111,000 international visitors came to Colombia, up 9% from the year before, according to Colombian immigration authorities. Of those visitors, 11% made Cartagena their primary destination.

I would love to go visit Cartagena, Columbia. And head over to Angel falls as well.

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