Frommer’s launches customized travel guides –

Build your own travel guide for a destination and have it delivered to your door before your trip.

That’s the idea behind a new product the Frommer’s travel experts are launching today. The “Remix” guides start with a cover proclaiming “Richard and Sheila’s trip to New Orleans” or whomever is traveling where. Inside can be your itinerary, directions to various places, custom maps and lists of restaurants, shops and attractions tailored to your specific tastes. Go to to get started or see a sample guide.

“We haven’t seen a similar product and certainly no one else has the level of customization that we are offering: e.g. itinerary, preferred destinations, food, coupons etc.,” says Frommer’s spokeswoman Sheelagh Doyle.

Through the end of the year, the launch price will be $9.99 a guide. That’s $10 off the list price.

Neat idea! Sure beats ripping out the pages like some people I know do.
Do you like the fluff that comes with a guidebook? Or would you rather have a customized one?
I know I’d be eliminating the list of museums.

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