Most Common Travel Airport Mix ups

Melanie Marken was headed to her hotel to rest up for a business meeting in Bloomington, Ind., last month when she made a discovery.

She was in the wrong Bloomington.

Marken’s travel agent had mistakenly booked her on a flight to Bloomington, Ill. And she had to drive nearly five hours to make her meeting in the Indiana city with the same name.

This happens far too often. The state should always be mentioned just in case. Kansas city in MIssouri? or Kansas city in Kansas? Talk about a travel nightmare. Here is a list of commonly mistaken cities.

1. Sydney, Australia or Sydney, Nova Scotia

2. Vancouver, Washington or Vancouver, British Columbia

3. Kansas city, Missouri or Kansas city, Kansas

4. St. John’s, Newfoundland or Saint John, New Brunswick

5. Antigua Island or Antigua, Guatemala

6. San Jose, California or San Jose, Costa Rica

7. Panama city, Florida, or Panama city, Panama

8. St. Petersburg, Florida or Saint Petersburg, Russia

9. Venice, Florida or Venice, Italy

10. La Paz, Mexico or La Paz, Bolivia

11. San Antonio, Texas or San Antonio, Chile

12. Santo Domingo, Chile or Santo Domingo, Cuba

13. Santa Clara, Cuba or Santa Clara, Panama

14. Melbourne, Australia or Melbourne, Nova Scotia

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