Overhead Bin – Wanted: Guinness World Record travelers

Consider some of travel’s earlier contributions in the timeless quest for a Guinness title:

  • In August 2009, Philip Guarno, Adam Spivak, John Kirkwood and Aaron Rye set the record for the greatest number of different roller coasters ridden in a 24-hour period, hitting 74 rides in 10 parks in four states. (Apparently, there’s nothing in the rules against using a helicopter to get around.)
  • In January 2009, Chris Solarz and Matthew Ferrisi set a new record for the fastest time to travel the entire New York City subway system, passing through all 468 stations in 22 hours, 52 minutes and 36 seconds.
  • In July 1986, William “Bill” Fadeley, Jr. and Eugene Hajtovik set the record for the longest airboat ride after completing a 1,100-mile, 13-day trip from Jacksonville, Fla., to New York Harbo

Interesting list of Travel related Guiness world Records.

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