Seat takes the pain out of cycling | Seattle Times Newspaper

“I was a little disappointment I couldn’t try (the seat) out first (at a bike shop),” Ulfers said. “Then I said ‘What the heck’ and decided to give it a try. When it arrived I went on a 15-mile ride and I didn’t feel a thing. No pain anywhere. Not even a little discomfort. I was pretty impressed.”

With winter arriving, Ulfers put her old bike on the trainer so she could ride inside, too. After her first ride on her old bike, and her old seat, she noticed a huge difference.

“It was pretty uncomfortable,” Ulfers said. “The difference was night and day. There is no way I could keep riding on that.”

I wish I had purchased a special bike seat. It really makes a difference if you do a bike tour. By the second day, I dreaded getting back on the bike.

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