That’s Ridiculous! New Tipping Traps To Watch For |

When it comes to tipping, beware of the words: “for your convenience.”

If you see them on your final bill, you might want to take a closer look. While you’re at it, whip out your calculator to run your own numbers.

Take room service, for example. Daniel Weisleder, a consultant based in Houston, stays at many reputable hotels, and he has noticed that his bills have begun to look the same.

“They innocently leave the ‘tip’ line open, hoping that you won’t notice the already included 18% gratuity, plus the additional $3 to $4 room service fee or tray charge.”

As a result, absent-minded guests will often add a tip on top of the tip, effectively tipping 40% or more.

Tricky, huh?

That’s Just sneaky. They should make a rule where if you already included your own tip, you can’t request for more. 40% tip is ridiculous. I have to admit, with all those extra taxes you see when you travel, it’s hard to tell what’s a ‘tip’ and what’s a tourist tax like ‘VAT’ etc.. I’ve seen this done especially at restaurants lately.

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