Travel Kit – 5 surprising foreign laws that put travelers at risk

Here are four other surprising foreign laws to watch out for while vacationing abroad, based on reporting by journalist Katherine Spiers.

  • Over-the-counter medicines in the U.S. are sometimes illegal in Japan, and that includes some Vicks and Sudafed products and anything else containing pseudoephedrine. If authorities at customs catch you with such products, they may detain you.
  • Singapore puts a great deal of effort into keeping its public toilets (along with many other things) pristine. And visitors are expected to help keep them gleaming. Failure to flush may result in fines.
  • Traveling by scooter in many major cities of the Philippines has its challenges: You can get ticketed for driving in sandals or bare feet.
  • In Finland, taxi drivers playing music in their cars are required to pay a copyright fee. The idea is that the music is being presented to the “public” — the cabs’ paying customers. So your cabbie might keep things quiet to save a few euros.

Interesting laws… how the heck are people supposed to know these?

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