We Wish We’d Thought Of This Genius Transparent Kayak

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There are plenty expensive gadgets and gizmos we’d like to buy for our next traveling adventure, but sometimes it’s just not in the budge.

For example, we’re not going to spend $9,000 on this tent for our glamping trip and $50,000 for a barbecue…

Source: www.huffingtonpost.com

Clear Blue Hawaii has designed a clear bottom transparent sea kayak called the ‘Molokini’. This would be great to see what’s below without having to snorkel or get out of the kayak. However, many people have commented that  the clear transparent bottom would quickly become less clear after several scratches from rocks. The Clear Blue Hawaii website does address the strength of the material, but not about the resistance to scratching. Has anyone tried or purchased one? Would be great to hear first person test results. 

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