World News: Ottoman Empire reborn on TV –

Ottoman Empire reborn on TV

Published On Sun Nov 27 2011
 World News: Ottoman Empire reborn on TV  World News: Ottoman Empire reborn on TV

The Magnificent Century is the most-watched television drama in Turkey.

 World News: Ottoman Empire reborn on TV
By Mitch Potter Washington Bureau

The Turkish producers admit it was more than a gamble. They risked everything to capture the sights, sounds and intrigue of the Ottoman era, replete with production values so lavish the whole world would watch.

The conquest of Magnificent Century is well underway. Now in its second season, the most-watched TV drama in Turkey is airing in four countries and is scheduled to spread to 14 more in December. By this time next year, producers say, it will be showing in 34 countries, using subtitles and dubbing.

Looks like a great series to learn a bit about Turkish history. Even if it’s only loosely based. Can’t wait to watch it. Still haven’t checked out The Tudors.

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