Hawaii Trip – Part 4 – Windward Coast – Kailua beach, Waimanalo beach, Makapu’u lookout & hike, Nuuanu Pali lookout

With little left to explore in Waikiki I joined the windward tour which visits several popular beaches on the windward side. We stopped at the whole foods in Wailua where we grabbed some lunch. They had a special deal where you could get a bowl of any type of poke and rice. For $7.49. I can see poke becoming my new favorite food.

We headed to the Nuuanu Pali lookout point where we snapped some nice photos before heading to Kailua beach.

In Kailua, there was a small island that was 150 yards according to the driver and would take 10 minutes. I’m pretty sure it took 20 minutes with the waves. I took a boogy board thinking it would make the journey easier, but instead, the waves kept pushing me back. At the next beach, the waves were great for boogey boarding. It was my first time giving it a try, and I can see why so many people like it. I think I would prefer boogey boarding over surfing any day. Less work, more fun.

We also checked Waimanolo beach which was another beautiful beach with long stretches of white-yellow sand.

We then went to Makapuu lookout area, and went on an adventurous hike down towards the coastline which was mostly volcanic lava, courtesy of a fellow tour member who had experience on the island. The hike was strenuous, but worth it. We ended up on the edges of the island and could see blowholes and small pools and jettys. Little fishes could be seen in the small ponds of water. The edges of the volcanic rock were covered with large chunks of dried up salt from the salt water. It looked almost like snow.

We went to another lookout point near Sandy beach and saw a topless model in a bathing suit doing a photo shoot. We headed down toward the bay for a closer look. I asked one of the workers what the photos were for, and they said for it was for cool water. I though it was a beverage, but it’s apparently a classy cologne. We then headed back to Waikiki and got about around 6:30pm. I grabbed some dinner and got ready for an early start tomorrow.

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