Hawaii Trip – Part 8 – Kalalau Trail

Upon recommendation, I decided to do the one way 4 mile Kalalau trail to some waterfall. It was a long and hot hike up the rocky sides of the coast. I regretted carrying only 500 ml of water. I should have brought 1.5 L of water. It can take 2-4 hours one way to walk to the falls. We did it in 2.5 hrs one way. There was a few times I just wanted to call a helicopter because we kept passing helicopter landings. If you can handle the hike, the waterfall is worth it.

There were about 15 people max at the waterfall, and the waters were a refreshing reward after the hike, although cold at first. I was very tempted to take a drink but fought urge thinking I would regret whatever illness I felt later on.

With not much energy left after the return hike, we just went out for dinner because we were too tired to do much else. We ate at a restaurant in Hanalei where I had a mahi mahi fish & waffle fries. This was my first time I had waffle fries and was the only thing I remember about the meal. It was awesome.

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