Mayan Circle Part 6


31dec10-woke up at 5:20am to get ready to meet in the hotel lobby at 6:20am. The bus station was a 5min walk away and the scheduled departure  time of the bus was 6:50am. For some unknown reason,  we didn’t  board the bus until 7:30am. This time we had Ejectivo seats, or executive seats reserved. There are a few differences I noticed with the upgraded tickets. Prior to boarding, we received a choice of non-alcoholic beverage from the bus attendant as well as some headphones for the bus ride. The bus was also in a newer condition, had more legroom, reclined low and had areas to plug headphones instead of having crappy movies blasting through the bus speakers. The seats  reclined to a ridiculous level that made even sleeping on the bus somewhat of an enjoyment. It was another ugly day of  travel with 3 breaks in between. The movies were once again  crappy B-list. Each break had the same typical fast foods  & snacks, and pay-per-use toilets. By 1:00pm we arrived at our destination and caught a cab to the hotel. The hotel was a nice hacienda styles with many open courtyard gardens and the fancy clay roofs. Our rooms were located on the 2nd floor and had a great view of the mountains and shacks along the hills. 

Shortly after dropping off our luggage, we quickly did a walking tour of the city and passed by many of the unique restaurants and shops offered. Along the main street called Guadaloupe, there was a supermarket (so cheap for everything) and many restaurants with patios. Great for people watching. After the walking tour and freshening up, we got ready for the New years eve festivities.   Our tour leader organized a dinner at a restaurant with great atmosphere, great music and so-so food. Most of the tour mates were unhappy with their meal. Mine was four grain rice with cheese & chicken. You can’t really screw  that up.  


After dinner, Revolucion bar was the next place on the list.  The name matched the décor, which featured around the theme of the Cuban revolution.  Lots of Che Guevara pictures.  The bar was already buzzing when we got there. Live music, great antipasta, interesting cocktails were in order for the night. At 11:45pm we stepped out of the bar to head to the main square to experience the new years countdown and partake in the grape eating tradition. According to my tour guide who is actually from Spain, on new years eve, people eat 12 grapes to countdown to the new year. I didn’t know why it’s 12 grapes and neither did she. The only thing I can think of is they countdown 10 until 1, then say happy new year. Which is about 12 seconds or 12 grapes. But I’m sure there must be a some significance for the number.


We quickly ate our 12 grapes we estimated the correct times to eat the grapes as there was no gong to signal the countdown.. We lit our sparklers and wished everyone a happy new year.  A group of Europeans beside us, kept redoing the countdown. It was funny at first but by the 5th time, it was getting annoying


As our sparklers finished and drooped over, we ditched them and decided to get back to the action at the club. This time around, it was more crowded and people were squished up to the doors. I guess there are no fire hazard rules in Mexico that‘s for sure.


There were a lot of interesting characters in the bar. Though the window you could see the token cougar women dancing on stage with her young caballero (Spanish word for cowboy).  There were some ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ dopplegangers.  They had  theirs eyes lined heavily with black, and impressively long dreadlocks.  It was questionable if they showered recently.


We also had met some random Mexican friends, enthusiastically show us how to dance to salsa and contemporary Mexican music. I failed horribly at my attempt to salsa.  My salsa partner would have done better swinging around a rag doll than trying to get me to coordinate my steps with his. Why didn’t I pay more attention during those 2 times I went to salsa class?


The music at the club was a nice mixture of modern English music, and oldies classics, and Spanish music and rock.. It was A wonderful night of international fun. All the foreigners in town were at the bar. By 1:30am, I felt that the night couldn’t get any better wanted to end on a good note.  I bid farewell to everyone and headed to back to the hotel to sleep. It was only a few blocks away which was great.

while walking back to our hotel, my tour mate and I laughed at the videos and photos I took. Despite feeling very tired, I was determined to shower before bed. My tour mate also vowed to do the same, but mostly because she was afraid of any fleas our local ‘jack sparrow’ may have passed on. 


Another interesting, happy and memorable New Year indeed.

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