Nassau Bahamas Part 2 – Paradise Island

We slept until 3:40am and then headed back to the airport to go through security again. It felt like the movie ‘Groundhog Day’. All the passengers on our flight were in a bad mood. One passenger even cancelled her trip on the spot, not sure if she will get compensation back though.  I felt like i barely slept. Hello Tim Hortons again.  After boarding the plane, everything went pretty smoothly from there.The flight from toronto to nassau was an impressive 2.5 hrs south. I’ve never been to a decent beach so close before. Most of my trips have been to central and south america, so it’s refreshing that sunshine is only 2.5 hrs away. Breakfast was served on the plane.

The plane ride itself was an interesting one. I did the early web checkin and snagged us some sweet aisle & middle seats near the front. A group of 8 retired adults did not plan ahead, and all were stuck sitting separately with window seats. The lady sitting at the window beside me then said she had to get up and use the washroom. Then she tried to pull the “oh, don’t worry about getting up, I’ll just sit in the aisle” trick, but we were having none of that. We said “no it’s not a problem, got up and let her have her assigned window seat”. Then she started saying to her traveling companion in the window seat in front of her that she doesnt like the window seat and needs an aisle. so the gentleman then asked if we could move. Well nobody really likes window, so she switched with someone in the front. then my next window buddy decides to make herself comfortable by putting up the armrest and bringing her legs up on the seat. since when is this appropriate? Then she began to hog the armrest as well. they really should do something so that if you start hogging more space than you’re allotted you get static shocks Similar to the kind when you drag your feet on the carpet and touch metal bars at the department stores.After landing and de-planing, the first thing we noticed was the heat. thank goodness immigration was air conditioned. beyond immigration there was a bahamas tourist info desk, where i loaded my arms with maps, and handbooks. out in the lobby we found our airport transfer to the hotel. the ride into town to our hotel was 40 minutes. the first thing i noticed was the beautiful coastline and beaches. the next thing i noticed was we were driving on the left side of the road. british influences. theres also american influences of kfc, mcdonalds, and dunkin donuts. All of the houses were so colorful. As we got closer to our destination, we could see atlantis, and the two bridges that connect paradise island to nassau. the bridges have a high arch compared to other briges i’ve seen. docked at the nassau port we could see 2 large cruise ships.

a001 Nassau Bahamas Part 2   Paradise Island

Welcome Drinks at Riu

a044 Nassau Bahamas Part 2   Paradise Island

Towel Card and Room Key

We arrive at our hotel, were greeted with welcome cocktails from the staff and checked into our rooms.
our rooms had elegant wood frunishings, a flat screen tv with satellite, a stocked minibar, liquor dispensor, inroom safe, and closets with hangers. the bathroom had mutliple towels available.
we were given two plastic cards. one was the room key, and one was for the towel. you trade the towel card for a towel, and just trade in our towel for your card. i like this system much better because you can get your beach towel quicker, and don’t have to dry your towel overnight. there’s always a fresh one waiting for you. guard your towel & towel card. If you lose it, it’s $20. We were in the top floors and had an amazing view of the coast and atlantis.

a005 Nassau Bahamas Part 2   Paradise Island

Cabbage Beach View from our Suite

a011 Nassau Bahamas Part 2   Paradise Island

Cabbage Beach Paradise Island

Before the trip, i visited a couple of websites to research nassau and paradise island.  the waters in the photos were always so green and blue, and i thought to myself “meh, just fancy photoshop”. but when i looked out my window, i saw how green and beautiful the beach was. i took off my glasses and cleaned them up, but still the water was green. this is my first time to the carribean where the water was such a nice green blue color. usually its a lighter color.

a022 Nassau Bahamas Part 2   Paradise Island

Pool at Riu Paradise Island

After checking out the room, we quickly donned our bathing suits, grabbed a miami vice cocktail, and headed to the pool. the sun was shining, and the day was ours to enjoy.  we walked to the beach but decided the sun was a bit strong, and went to the pool.
the pool was a decent size pool and not overcrowded. i had read poor reviews and was expecting a film of oil on the top of the pool. I can see how that could happen if the pool was filled to capacity however.
lunch time was buffet stay at the sir alexander. they had fast food, pasta, and special dishes.


I had reservations tonight for Krystal Restaurnt, which is a fusion gourmet restaurant at 6:30pm. A little siesta before dinner was needed after the long travel day. At the Krystal fusion restaurant we chose a starter, main and dessert from 4-5 choices. I had the mango mousse.

a030 Nassau Bahamas Part 2   Paradise Island

Sea Bass

a031 Nassau Bahamas Part 2   Paradise Island

Grilled Salmon with Mango Chutney






We then tried our luck at the casinos. we walked along the strees and followed some fellow travelers hoping they knew where they were going. unfortunately we ended up at a deadend and ecided to use my internal gps to guide us. after a few turns, we approached the marina village. the marina village is an outdoor strip of high end shops. you can purchase clothing, jewelry, or even stop to have ice cream, a meal or coffee. For those who need their daily starbucks, there’s one located near the entrance.

Along the marina, beautiful yachts were parked.

a036 Nassau Bahamas Part 2   Paradise Island


The atlantis casino is modern and has many of the latest slot machines, and card tables. if you plan to gamble a lot, sign up for the atlantis advantage card. i signed up for one, but doubt i will ever collect enought points to amount to anything. after losing $40, i decided to call it quits. We walked back through the atlantis shops, only to discover that when we exited the beach towers, we were right in front of the riu. it appears we took the scenic route to atlantis. lesson learned. next time ask for directions


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