Nassau Bahamas Part 3 – Downtown Nassau

a047 Nassau Bahamas Part 3   Downtown Nassau

Atlantis Marina

Another sunny day with blue waters. deciding to take advantage of the lovely weather, we ventured through the streets to look for the ferry port to Nassau. thanks to the map i picked up at the airport, I managed to find the nassau port without a hitch. Unfortunately it was the wrong port. 2 more blocks down was the alleyway that our ferry would be departing from. $4 per person one way trip. we loaded the boat, and headed to nassau. Along the way, a Bahamian guy told us facts about some of the buildings of atlantis as well as any celebrity properties. the nassau ferry stops off right in front of the straw markets.

a058 Nassau Bahamas Part 3   Downtown Nassau

Nassau Straw Market



a066 Nassau Bahamas Part 3   Downtown Nassau

Fort Fincastle

a065 Nassau Bahamas Part 3   Downtown Nassau

Queens Staircase

From there you can walk along bay street for some shopping therapy. You will be challenged to find any outlet worthy deals, but at least you save on the duty or tax, always a plus on luxury goods. feeling dehyrdated we stopped at a cafe for some gatorade to replenish electrolytes and reapply sunscreen.

With the noon hour sun shining strongly, we walked to the queen’s staircase, and quickly explored Fort Fincastle. The queens staircase consists 66 steps of sandstone carved by slaves. The entrance to the stairs looks more like a jungle scene from Indiana Jones than the rest of bahamas. Once you’re at the top of the stairs you are greeted by stalls of more tourist goodies. The entrance fee to fort fincastle was a reasonable $1 the view from the castle gives you a general glimpse of the layout, except you can get a great shoot of the ships docked in port. i got a great photo of the canons and a gecko or lizard in the wall cracks.

As the gatorade started to wear off and we were getting parched and peckish, we headed bakc to the ferry, then cut through the marina village through atlantis beach towers to our hotel.
It was lunch, then siesta, then more swimming pool, then dinner at Tengoku japanese restaurant. I think beyond sushi, not many people know what japanese cuisine is. the menu it self had sushi as a started, and for the main & dessert, we had more traditonal dishes such as tempura, and stir fry.

a078 Nassau Bahamas Part 3   Downtown Nassau

Sushi at Japanese Restaurant

The presentation of the dishes was impressive. from the fan folded napkins to the meticulously identically organized sushi rolls. early night tonight, otherwise I’ll miss my 7:00am alarm for tomorrows snorkeling excursion.

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