Nassau Bahamas Part 4 – Snorkeling

a089 Nassau Bahamas Part 4   Snorkeling

Shuttle to Stuart Cove’s Marina

Woke up before the alarm went off. Grabbed my bathing suit, coverups, and sandals. had  a quick breakfast before heading to the hotel lobby for shuttle pickup. I was one of the last passengers picked up, ( woohoo !) meaning less time waiting to pick up others.
We filled out some waivers during the van ride to the Marina. There was also the option to purchase your own personal snorkeling mouth piece, fish food, or disposable underwater camera.

a091 Nassau Bahamas Part 4   Snorkeling

Stuart Cove’s Marina

a094 Nassau Bahamas Part 4   Snorkeling

Ready to Snorkel !

At the marina, I handed in my forms to the reception, and then hopped onto the boat. I tried out some snorkel fins, adjusted my snorkel mask and was ready to snorkel.  It was 10minutes to our first reef site. The reef was about 20 ft below, and had so many fish swimming. That number multiplied when fish food was tossed in. The next site had fewer fish but different varities.

a100 Nassau Bahamas Part 4   Snorkeling

Under the Sea

The waves started to get rougher, and i found myself drinking more salt water and being pushed out away farther from the boat. I started to feel ill and swam as quick as possible to the boat. As i was climbing up the ladder, the skipper tried to ask me if everything was okay. Before i could complete my sentence “ i don’t feel… “ I saw my breakfast erupt through my mouth and into the waters. Suddenly I was the popular girl and  surrounded by fish.  I hope they enjoyed my breakfast as much as i did. After my fish bonanza I pitifully crawled onto the boat and sipped on some water hoping there was no second round. Meanwhile on the boat, a father of one of the passengers was making business calls. “sorry, i’m going to have to let you go now, i’m in the bahamas”. I thought you only saw that in the movies.  I’d be too afraid to see what my roaming chargers were when I got back home.
The last site was an area known for sharks. Our guide had some stinky meat in a cage to feed the sharks. for those that were brave, they entered the waters holdig onto a rope connected to the boat. During this time they would be able to see the shark feed at the bottom of the ocean floors. Before giving the go ahead, the guide told everyone to keep their limbs close to their body to avoid attracting undesired sharks attention, and also not to vomit (looking at me) because it attracts fish to the surface, which attracts sharks.  for the final act, everyone got back onto the boat and the sharks were drawn to the surface with more meat, and that was the end of our trip. By the time we finished it was noon, and i was hungry. Sadly I left all valuables include credit cards back at the hotel and could only stare and smell the delicous bahamian burgers. Once the shuttle arrived we headed back to our hotels.
It was the 4th of july so a lot of festivities and radio announcements pertained to the USA. Fireworks were on scheduled at the Atlantis for the evening. We had a reservation at the gourmet restaurant and missed out on the fireworks.

a127 Nassau Bahamas Part 4   Snorkeling

Sting Ray at Atlantis

a128 Nassau Bahamas Part 4   Snorkeling

Giant Fish

We went back to Atlantis and explored ‘The Dig’, which is made up of a series of tunnels that provide different views of the large Atlantis Aquarium.

The final night in Bahamas. Beautiful waters . I would return again in the future. A short trip, but well worth it.

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