Nassau – Part 1 – Calamity Strikes

It’s Canada Day, and what better way to show off my patriotism than leaving the country! Got a deal on the Riu Palace Paradise Island  to Nassau, bahamas and took advantage of the long weekend to travel on a 4 day jaunt. After doing online webcheck in, we
headed to the airport 3 hrs before departure and checked in our luggage.  We split our vacation necessities (swimsuit, flipflops, and coverups) on carry on and checked luggage just in case.
Security was as usual and we wandered the duty free shops, and grab a coffee before heaing to our gate to prepare for boarding. the flight was due to leave 6:40PM and boarding time was 5:40pm. Eventually 6:00pm rolled around and I wondered what the cause of delay was. at 6:15pm, the air schedule changed and our flight was delayed to 11:30pm.
You could hear the groans from everyone. There was a rush to the agents to receive our meal vouchers or compensation. We were told the flight would leave 11:30pm or 2:30am at but we would definteily leave today.
We ate dinner at Caseys grill. mushroom brie burger with waffle fries. yum. It was lmost 9 o’clock so we waited near the gate. When 9 rolled around, I saw the flight was delayed again, but this time to 6:40am. This time no agent was around, so we wandered the terminal and called Information Line to have someone paged to the gate. 2 hrs later we found an agent who was issued us hotel vouchers. By this time it was 11pm, and we checked in at 11:30pm.

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