Some Dollar Store Items Should Stay at the Dollar Store

Ever since the dollar stores came to Canada, I have to admit that i’ve replaced many of my daily items with dollar-store standards instead. Cotton Pads, q-tips, headbands, sunglasses cases, etc. So far the dollar store has not disappointed me. So when I saw a yoga mat for $2.00 I decided to purchase one.

Compared to the usual $19.99 or $29.99 ones, $2.00 seemed like a bargain. Afterall, it’s just a mat. I don’t need any fancy prints or a nifty bag. I just want a stupid mat so that I don’t have to lie down or touch the floors that other people have sweated or stepped on.

So during my first yoga class I laid out my mat. Well there are some obvious differences between mine and others. My mat is this ugly grey colour, and about a foot longer than everyone elses. But heck, I saved money so I didn’t care. As the class continues, the flaw of the yoga design starts to take effect. In hot yoga, you just sweat a lot more than you normally would, gripping becomes a problem. On my cheap, no contour mat, there was virtually no grip and I felt as I was doing an commercial for ‘slip n’slide’ slides. It’s supposed to be relaxing during the class, but all I can do is stress about keeping my balance on what has the same friction as ice, and trying to not make squeaking sounds as my feet and hands slide on the map to grip whatever it can.

Okay. So maybe there is a difference between a $2.00 mat and those fancy ones they sell at sports stores.


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