Topdeck Tours Scenic Scandi 15 day tour

4c60966a2b31a8f Topdeck Tours Scenic Scandi 15 day tourThis tour is actually part of the larger tour known as Red Star Special.

Why I chose this tour –  I had already visited most of Western Europe and didn’t want to revisit those places just yet. This tour had an itinerary of places which were different in culture and environment. The idea of seeing glaciers,  bobsledding, trolls and driving above the arctic circle, was too good to pass up.

Review – some of the driving days  were a bit long but unavoidable, given the distance we needed to cover. I liked the city maps/guide provided by Topdeck which listed the main tourist attractions for the major cities.  I didn’t realize there would be so much down time at the campgrounds, which was a nice thing. We were pretty much there from dinner onwards. I would have brought proper running shoes to do a few laps around the beautiful campgrounds to kill time. I also would have brought along some duty free alcohol. Everything in Scandinavia is bloody expensive.

At least 50% of the campgrounds had wireless internet. I was pretty impressed with that and regretted I didn‘t not have a mini laptop or eeepc.

The bus was great about stopping at supermarkets along the way so that passengers could stock up on beverages or snacks or go shopping.

Inclusions/Food/Accommodation –. The campgrounds and bungalows were in great condition, with heaters installed. The showers were okay  considering it a camp ground. I was not pleased that I had to pay additional for hot water, which had about a 5minute limit at some of the sites.

The food on this tour was great. Most of the were included, which helped me on my budget. The breakfasts usually included something hot, as well as the option for cereal with milk or yogurt. Dinner usually had a main and dessert, or start and main. All were filling and delicious.

Changes I’d Make – If I could possible, I would  have done the tour during the midnight sun season. I also would have started the tour from Copenhagen instead of Oslo, which I guess I could have done, but would have forfeited a trip to Iceland in the process. I would have prefer at least one water token per campsite to be included, especially when it is highly likely that everyone will want warm showers.

Highlight – Seeing the svartisen glacier. It was my first time seeing a Glacier.

Rating – 8/10

Would I go again? yes

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