Travel Related Movie #1 – Apocalypto

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While visiting the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico, many of the tour guides mentioned a movie called Apocalypto which is directed by Mel Gibson.  The movie plotline centers around Mayan culture just prior to the arrival of the Spanish.  The movie mixes aspects of Mayan and Aztec, but to the foreign, looks Mayan. I had never heard or seen the movie and put it on my list of things to do after the end of my trip.

I had low expectations for the movie based on other peoples‘ reviews of other Mel Gibson loosely based historical movies.  I was pleasantly surprised by the movies plot and pacing, There was a lot of action and it portrayed many aspects of rural Mayan communities and culture. It was interesting to see these Mayan pyramids on a movie screen that I had seen in real life. One of the things I noticed about the movie was the sacrificial ceremony. In the movie, they kidnapped their sacrifices, whereas in Mayan history, the winners of a ball game were decapitated as sacrifices. It was considered an honour to be sacrificed to the gods. 

Without being too nitpicky about culture and historical accuracies, Apocalypto was an enjoyable action packed movie with lots of running, although a tad long for my liking.



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