Travel Related Movie #6 – The Other Boleyn Girl

4966e463aa6068f Travel Related Movie #6   The Other Boleyn GirlWith no ‘Elizabeth’ or ‘Braveheart’ available, I picked up this movie instead.  This movie is based on the book ‘The Other Boleyn Girl’ which is loosely based on the actual Boleyn sisters.  The follows Anne Boleyn calculated steps to becoming Queen.  There is family drama, messy love triangles, and betrayal.  The movie gives an interesting twist to some of the blanks missing from this important part of history.  Hardcore history buffs, will nickpick at the details.  For those who need a refresher, Anne Boleyn gets King Henry VIII to annul his marriage to Catharine of Aragon.  This severs the Spanish ties somehow, although I’m not quite clear or knowledgeable about this area.   Queen gives birth to Elizabeth, who later on becomes Queen Elizabeth I.  Looking back, it seems I’ve been watching these historical movies out of order…

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