19e115b1f987f95 CompromisedRecently I looked at my online bank statement and noticed two withdrawals from a foreign ATM.  There were two withdrawals of Dominican Pesos.  I’ve never been to the Dominican in my life, and don’t even have a stamp in my passport.  I’m puzzled how my bank card got compromised, given that I always cover my PIN and it is a ‘high-tech’ chip card. 

I thought about my most recent trip to Mexico, Guatemal, Belize or Cuba and tried to think about where my card might have been copied.  Later while browing through the tripadvisor forums, i noticed someone posted an ATM scam at Panajachel.  The scam is the machine will not work, so that it directs you to another machine that copies your card.  I’m not sure that card ended up in the Dominican, but thieves never work logically I guess.  If only these guys used their skills for good, cured cancer and made a real living.

Note to self: Keep cash on hand so that I do not have to use dodgy ATMs.

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