Tucan Travel Ballestas Peru Tour Review


Tucan Travel Ballestas Peru Tour Review ZPLP/ZLLP

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This is Tucan Travel’s most comprehensive Peru Tour. It is 21 days, starting in La Paz, Bolivia, ending in Lima, Peru. The Tour is broken up into smaller parts. The tour also runs in the opposite direction. This tour is actually broken up into smaller tours as well.


Why I chose this tour –   I chose this tour, because I wanted to see all that Peru had to offer. It was too difficult to chose only part of it. I also didn’t know when they next time I would be going to Peru, and my philosophy is to see and absorb as much as a I can. I also liked the dates for the tour. 

Review –  The tour is 21 days, during the halfway point of the tour, some people leave the tour, and some new people join the tour. 

The local guides for the tour were knowledgeable and friendly, with an excellent. The Inca trail guides and porters were helpful and fun. They pointed out interesting plants and ruins along the way as we walked along the trek. The food on this hike, was the best I had in Peru. If I were to do the tour again, I would still prefer to start in Bolivia and end in Lima.

Inclusions/Food/Accommodation/Transportation –. The meals included were basically picnic lunches to save time for the long travel days. There was limited restaurant choice as you drive along the pacific coast towards Peru. Lunch consisted of some bread, pasta salad, local fresh fruits, and luncheon meats.  The transportation we used 95% of the time was a large BMW tourist class bus. It was a bit older, but the inside looked fine. We did have some engine problem towards the end of the tour around day 18.  I liked the bus because we could leave our books or non valuables  in the bus. It also made the long travel days more bearable because everyone had their own seat.  Temperature controls were easily adjusted. In the back of the bus, there was a library of books left by other travelers. I must have gone through about 2 or 3 books during the trip. A few times we took different forms of transportation such as a tuk-tuk or smaller bus due to street size restrictions.  The hotels were 90% within walking distance of the city centers.  All were clean, although not all were new. Many had coffee or coca tea complimentary in the lobby.


Changes I’d Make – I would have the group leave earlier for Colca Canyon to see the condors  before the crowds gather..  


Highlight –  The Inca Trail 


Bolivia Travel Tips

- drink lots of Coca tea.

- best place for shopping when it come to price.

- your dollars have the strongest buying power here. Stock up on what you need.

Peru Travel Tips 

- keep US dollars handy for exchange 

- keep an eye out for counterfeit Peruvian money, including coins!

- watch out for pickpockets and read up on the latest scams

- buy all your souvenirs in Cuzco.

- if you are hiking the Inca Trail, book early as there are limited permits

- bring a walking stick for the Inca trail hike.

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